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Get Partial or Complete Dentures in Edmonton from Northview Denture Clinic

Dentures are an excellent way to replace some or all of your missing teeth. At Northview Denture Clinic, we can help determine the best type of denture for your everyday needs and lifestyle.

We Provide Complete or Partial Dentures in Edmonton

If you have lost multiple teeth or need teeth pulled, complete dentures may be a good option for you. Complete dentures replace all of the teeth in one or both arches. At Northview Denture Clinic, we can fit you with a customized and comfortable set of complete and partial dentures in Edmonton.

Your feedback is important in the construction of your dentures. From selecting tooth shape and size to choosing a tooth shade that is right for you, we are here to assist you in designing your perfect smile.

Depending on factors such as your jaw structure, your oral health, and your aesthetic expectations, we can provide you with recommended options.

At Northview Denture Clinic, we believe that all patients deserve dentures that make them happy. We do not offer “standard” and “premium” dentures at different prices – we fabricate quality dentures for all of our patients at one standard price.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures offer a removable solution for patients who are missing some but not all of their teeth. A partial denture consists of the replacement of one or more teeth and are supported by your existing, natural teeth. Partials can be made of different materials, including acrylics, a metal/acrylic combination or flexible thermoplastics.


Many factors such as the number of teeth remaining, the position of the remaining teeth, and general oral health will affect the type or style of partial that will best suit your needs. Please discuss your needs and options with the denturist to determine which partial style will be the most appropriate for you.

Many patients find that a partial denture perfectly suits their needs – restoring their smile, allowing them to chew naturally, and blending the denture teeth in well with remaining natural teeth. Please contact our office to see if complete or partial dentures fit you.

Types of Partial Dentures

There are a variety of partial dentures that are available. You can choose from:


Cast partial dentures

Cast partial dentures use a metal design to fit your natural teeth and gums. Artificial teeth are then placed around the metal frame so that you can resume your everyday functions. Cast partial dentures are an excellent option as they provide the most strength and retention out of the partial denture options.


Flexible partial dentures

These are an alternative for those who are looking for an alternative for partial dentures that are made of metal. Flexible partial dentures can improve aesthetics and make eating more comfortable.


Acrylic partial dentures

Acrylic partial dentures are a more cost-effective option. They are an appropriate solution if you are planning for temporary replacement of your tooth/teeth. Acrylic partial dentures can help to improve the appearance of a missing tooth and can be fabricated with or without clasps to aid in retention of the denture.

Benefits of Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used to replace a single tooth or a few based on your dental condition. In addition, you can prevent the shifting of your remaining teeth by wearing partial dentures in Edmonton. Whether you have a missing tooth, complex tooth loss, or complete tooth loss, we can assist you.

Taking Care of Your Partial Dentures in Edmonton

Proper care of your denture is essential. Use the following tips to aid in the care of your denture:

Do not bite down on the partial to move them to position, always place the dentures and push them into position with your fingers. Your denturist will review insertion and removal instructions to assist you in proper technique.

After each meal,  remove your partial dentures to clean them thoroughly and remove any food particles.

It is recommended that you do not sleep with your dentures in. Remove the denture before bed, clean it and properly store it in a safe place.


Do not use toothpaste on your denture as it is too abrasive and will scratch your denture. Use a denture brush and mild soap (dish soap) to safely clean your dentures.


Above all, it goes without saying to abide by your denturist's advice for taking care of your partial dentures in Edmonton.


Are you still apprehensive about whether you should get partial dentures? Read some commonly asked questions, they may clear all your doubts. You can also visit us or speak to one of our team members if you need more information about dentures, relines, or sport guards.


Why See a Denturist?

Get the answer to this and more questions we’re often asked.

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