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Mouth Guards in Edmonton and the Surrounding Area for Athletes of All Ages

Our team firmly believes that athletes of all ages should be using custom-fitted mouth guards to prevent injury. Whether you or your child plays hockey, ringette, or football, or is involved in karate, tae kwon do, MMA, or any other contact sport, a mouth guard is a must. Mouth guards are an affordable way to prevent injury.

A mouth guard acts as a shock absorber in the mouth to protect the teeth and jaw from excessive forces. It also protects your head and brain from concussion if the force is applied to the lower jaw.

A well-designed mouth guard adapts to the upper teeth and gums, staying firmly in place while you play sports, and it is custom-fitted to your oral cavity. A store-bought mouth guard may be uncomfortable and make communication difficult, and has an added risk of dislodging due to improper fit.

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Do You Play Contact Sports?

Protect your teeth with a custom mouth guard.

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