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Restore Your Smile

We provide complete and partial dentures to give you a smile you’ve always wanted.

Our Denturists Provide Comprehensive Denture Services in Edmonton

Are you missing a tooth or several teeth? You can consult Northview Denture Clinic in Edmonton for quality dental products and services. We are a locally owned and operated clinic. Our services also cater to the regions of St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove, and Stony Plain. We understand the challenges you may face while chewing or with your existing dentures. Our denturists in Edmonton can help build self-confidence and bring back your beautiful smile.

In addition to denture treatments, we offer other services such as immediate, implant-supported, complete and partial dentures. We also provide denture relines, repairs, and sports guards. Please get in touch with our office for more information about our services or to schedule an appointment.

Denture Services We Offer in Edmonton

Our denturists at Northview Denture Clinic in Edmonton provide exceptional solutions, meeting your specific yet diverse denture needs. You can consider us for the following:

Complete and partial dentures

Our denturists can assist you with complete and partial dentures.

Complete dentures are used when replacing all your teeth in one or both arches.

Partial dentures are required for the replacement of one or more teeth. You can choose from various materials for your partial dentures, like acrylic, metal, or flexible thermoplastics.


Immediate dentures

As the name suggests, immediate dentures are inserted on the same day as your dental extractions. This ensures that you do not go without teeth during the healing process.

After undergoing treatment for immediate dentures, you must follow the instructions of your denturist and dentist to allow for proper healing.

Implant-supported dentures

The implant-supported dentures are attached to dental implants placed by your dentist or dental surgeon. Dental implants are essentially replacement tooth roots made of titanium placed in the jaw to help support the prosthetic tooth/teeth. They are an excellent solution for those who do not have the tissues to support a denture.


Denture relines and repairs

You may require denture relines and repairs for many reasons, for instance, weight loss,  aging, loss of teeth or an illness.

You can choose from hard and soft relines based on your denture consultation. Hard relines enhance the fit of your existing dentures, and soft relines are often used on patients with receding or flat gums.

Denture relines and most denture repairs can be completed in one day to ensure you do not go without your dentures.


Sports guards

There is no doubt that sports guards help you prevent injury, whether you are playing hockey, ringette, or football, among other sports. Mouthguards act as shock absorbers, protecting your teeth and jaw from excessive forces.

At Northview Denture Clinic, we offer custom-fitted sports guards so you can play your sports safely.

How Is Regular Denture Care by a Denturist Beneficial for You?

Most people with dentures need to pay more attention to the significance of regular visits to their denturist. Regardless of complete or partial dentures, it is essential to get regular checkups by a denturist before and after getting dentures.


Here are a few benefits of regularly visiting our denturists in Edmonton for your denture care:

Proper fit: Loose dentures can lead to bone shrinkage and painful sore spots. A denturist will ensure that your dentures fit comfortably and correctly, preventing discomfort and improving your ability to eat and speak. Additionally, properly fitting dentures that look and feel natural can enhance your confidence and self-esteem, leading to a happier and healthier you.

Maintaining longevity: Regular maintenance and adjustments by a denturist can prolong the life of your dentures and prevent the need for costly replacements. It also helps ensure optimal fit and function for years to come.

Improved oral health: Regular checkups with a denturist can help identify issues early on, such as oral cancer and gum disease. Checkups help prevent further damage to your oral health. Proper care of remaining teeth is also crucial for optimal denture fit, as tooth condition can impact fit. If you have partial dentures or dental implants, you should also visit your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings to ensure optimal oral health and the longevity of your natural teeth or implants.

How to Choose the Right Denturist for You?


Choosing the right denturist is vital to ensure your denture care is in reliable hands. It can impact the comfort, function, and appearance of your dentures. Comparing denturists in your area and taking note of their credentials, experience, and patient reviews can help you choose the denturist that suits your comfort. Ultimately, the right denturist will understand your unique needs and provide personalized, expert care to ensure your dentures' optimal fit and function.

Committed to Patient Satisfaction

At Northview Denture Clinic, our focus is our patients. We do all we can to ensure patient satisfaction. Our patients' needs always come first. We spend as much time as needed to explain treatment options and help our patients make well-informed decisions.


We want our patients to feel comfortable with our whole Edmonton team and to feel like they are a part of the process. Esthetics and function are not only important to the patient, but they are essential for a properly fitting denture. We strive to ensure that the patient is pleased and leaves happy.

All Insurance Plans Accepted


We understand the challenges you might face with unhealthy teeth. At Northview Denture Clinic, our denturists in Edmonton ensure you have a hassle-free experience when you visit us.


We accept all insurance policies and will help our patients understand what their plans will cover. If your insurance does not allow direct billing, we will assist you in collecting from your insurance to ensure timely payment.

Our denturists in Edmonton find appropriate solutions to maintain your oral hygiene. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today. We would be happy to help you!


About Our Denturists

Learn more about our two denturists in Edmonton: Gabor J. Dezse and Allyson Chow.

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