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Edmonton's Reliable Denture Clinic

Do you require full or partial dentures in Edmonton? Northview Denture Clinic is your reliable denture clinic in Edmonton, providing professional denture services. Our denturists meticulously attend to details, ensuring you depart from our office with an optimal fit and enhanced confidence. 

For us, prioritizing our patients' needs is our top priority. Our denturists also take the time to explain the entire treatment to our patients so that you all are well-informed. We recognize the significance of a healthy and attractive smile. You can rely on us to deliver dentures that combine aesthetics and functionality seamlessly. Feel free to reach out for additional information on our denture treatments or visit our denture clinic in Edmonton today!

​We accept all insurance policies.

Services We Offer


At Northview Denture Clinic, we aspire to achieve excellence. We are committed to providing high-quality, personalized solutions that enhance your quality of life. Our qualified denturists can assist you with the following products and services:

Complete and partial dentures: Whether you have lost multiple teeth or are only missing a few, we provide complete and partial dentures to cater to both needs.

Immediate dentures: We can provide surgical dentures if you need an immediate replacement for your missing teeth after an extraction.

Implant-supported dentures: If you're seeking dentures that are more stable, comfortable, and better fitting, head to our clinic for implant-supported dentures.

Denture relines and repairs: We offer hard and soft relines, repairs and effective maintenance to improve the fit and function of your dentures. Feel free to contact us for denture replacement.

Sports guards: We offer high-quality, custom-fitted mouth guards to safeguard your teeth and jaw.

Meet Our Team


Northview Denture Clinic boasts a compact team of four individuals: a receptionist, an office manager, and two denturists. Our staff consistently participates in ongoing education seminars to enhance our expertise, enabling us to assist our patients better.

Gabor J. Dezse, Denturist


Following his graduation from the denturist program at NAIT in 1996, Gabor acquired practical experience in the field before establishing Northview Denture Clinic in 2003. He is dedicated to the belief that ongoing education for himself and his team is essential for delivering high-quality patient care. By consistently engaging in continuing education, he identifies techniques and products he deems most advantageous for his patients.

Beyond the professional realm, Gabor leads a busy life with his wife and two children. In his free time, he maintains an active lifestyle, participating in hockey and football during his leisure time.

Allyson Chow, Denturist


Allyson graduated from the denturist program at NAIT in 2008. Before she attended NAIT, she also obtained her Bachelor of Science at the University of Alberta. She is meticulous and committed to her work, taking pride in crafting products that enhance the quality of life for her patients.

Outside of the office, Allyson finds joy in the company of her family and friends. She also values maintaining a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise.

Administrative Staff

The administrative team at Northview Denture Clinic is here to assist you with your denture needs. Whether you need assistance scheduling appointments or discussing your financial and dental insurance matters, we're here to guide you through every stage. You can be assured of receiving thorough dental consultations, as our patients are our priority.

Our office manager boasts over 25 years of expertise in the dental field, having served as a dental assistant, receptionist, and office manager. A graduate of the Dental Laboratory Technology and Dental Assisting programs at NAIT, she is committed to ensuring your satisfaction with every aspect of your experience at our denture clinic in Edmonton.

Why Choose Us?

There are several reasons to choose Northview Denture Clinic for your denture needs. Some are mentioned below:

Locally owned and operated: We are a locally owned and operated denture clinic in Edmonton, providing a nurturing environment to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment.

Qualified denturists: Our skilled denturists and experienced staff are known for caring for patient’s needs with the utmost expertise.

Commitment to patient satisfaction: At Northview Denture Clinic, our top priority is our patients. We are dedicated to ensuring that everyone leaves our clinic completely content and satisfied with their experience.

Personalized solutions: Dentures necessitate personalized fitting to meet the unique shape, size, functional, and aesthetic requirements of patients. That’s why we pay attention to every detail to provide you with dentures that perfectly replace your natural teeth.

Direct billing: We accommodate all insurance plans and can assist you in reimbursement from your insurance provider if direct billing is unavailable through your insurance.

Expert consultation and support: Our denturists are qualified to provide you with all the advice and consultation you need about dentures and can also help you decide what treatment will work the best for you. We also offer helpful tips to assist you in taking better care of your dentures.

Professional Affiliations


At Northview Denture Clinic, we take pride in being associated with the following professional partners:

college of alberta denturists
denturist association of canada
College of Alberta Dental Assistants

Member in good standing of the Denturist Association of Alberta.

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Require Professional Denture Care?

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